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School Made Your Way

A child's education should be customizable!

Wollingsford offers courses that allow a parent to choose the classes that work best for their budget and their child's academic needs. All courses are:

  • Live with a real teacher and classmates

  • Semester-based (19 weeks)

  • Include access to Wollingsford Academy's social environment.

  • Classes are recorded for easy review if missed.

Sign up for the 2023/2024 Fall semester

Class on Demand

That's not all. Social engagement is still essential for a student. Parents can add a "Class On Demand" option to their homeschooling program. Class on Demand is a semester-based option that gives you access to a live virtual class with teachers and students. Below, you can find the list of Class on Demand options available to add to your Homeschool program:

Class Options*


High School

  • Math and English classes​

  • Science and History classes​

  • Technology

    • Coding

    • Computer Animation

    • Systems Engineering

    • Robotics

    • Web Design

    • Cyber Security

    • Google IT

    • Aviation

    • Computer Programming

    • and more

  • Digital Music

  • Foreign Languages

    • Spanish

    • American Sign Language

    • Arabic

    • French

    • German

    • Mandarin

    • Portuguese

    • Russian

  • Life Planning (Adulting)

  • Financial Literacy

  • Economics

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

  • and more!


All Class on Demand courses are semester based. See that Class On Demand page for additional information. You can change courses and options with each semester.

All Class-On-Demand courses are 19-weeks long

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