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Tiffanie Brown

Founder & CEO

BLE School Systems

"We all have a responsibility to the education and support that is provided to our young ones. Through a collaborative effort, we can make this happen."

Supportive Education

Wollingsford Academy is part of the BLE schools network. Founded in 2017, BLE works to fill in the gaps that traditional education has not been able to fill. We work to be:

  • A safe and compassionate community is our foundation.

  • A student's mental and social development and health.

  • While we focus on academics, we have a balanced understanding of our students' mental and social development.

  • We encourage critical thinking and build a solid spiritual foundation.

  • Our student's intellectual, ethical, emotional, social, and physical development is essential.

  • Every we provide programs, mentorship, and support to all of our student body.

  • Through opportunities in academics, the arts, athletics, leadership, and citizenship, students define their paths.



September 2017

September 2018

September 2019

September 2020

September 2021

September 2022

August 2023

BLE schools launches it's first school, BLE Academy, as a brick n mortar high school.

Due to demand from families in other regions and states, BLE becomes a fully virtual and cloud-based middle and high school. This same year, we launched our Guidance Coach program, spearheaded by Liletta Harlem, Guidance Coach Director. This program's goal is to address the mental and emotional support needs of the student population.

Further expanding our reach, we launched our virtual elementary private school. 

With a 500% increase in the student population due to the Covid pandemic, BLE relaunched on the Microsoft Teams platform. Upgrading systems allowed BLE to provide additional cyber security and enhance the virtual learning enviornment.

BLE expanded further by launching our all-Spanish language school. Students in various Latin American regions were now able to benefit from the virtual education that we provided. 

We kicked off our sixth school year celebrating five years of education with the Sapphire Gala. BLE schools is currently going through a rebranding.

Adding to it's network of schools, BLE launches it's first brick n mortar STEM location in the US in the Washington, DC metro region. Providing a growth-mindset in STEM, BLE's Center of Education will provide the community with STEM education, professional growth services, and CTE career pathway programs.

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News 7 WJLA (Washington DC)
BLE Schools Sapphire Gala
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Global virtual private school CEO and Founder, Tiffanie Brown selected to assist in the Daymond John Financial Literacy Program.
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