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Putting the Control in Your Hands

Every child has the right to a high-quality education that provides the skills, knowledge, and confidence they'll need to move forward in life. However, not every student succeeds in a traditional school setting. Some students move more quickly than their peers. Others need extra attention.

With our Homeschool FLEX program, we believe that every child deserves a quality education that combines academic excellence with a nurturing environment. Our program offers a flexible and comprehensive homeschooling solution that caters to the unique needs and interests of your child.


Most homeschool programs provide students with an overwhelming course load or one that's complicated and has both the student and the parent confused. Wollingsford Academy approaches homeschooling differently.  While we have available a sample schedule to help assist a student when trying to complete their assignments, homeschooling allows a child the flexibility they need to complete their assignments each day. 

That's not all! We know how important it is for students to have social interaction when it comes to their education and social development. With our Homeschool Flex Plan. students are able to do some of their classes as self-study courses and other classes as Live Online courses by adding Class on Demand course options to their program. This gives students the ultimate flexibility in managing their time and their studies.  


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Homeschool FLEX

Grades 4-12

$50 per month

Full-day classes aren't meant for every student. Some students need more flexibility in their learning and in their day. Ideal for high school student that works, families that are serving overseas, or students with physical and academic learning disabilities, our redesigned homeschool program allows students the flexibility that they may need in their life.


Why is our homeschool program better?

In our homeschool program, students are provided with their core curriculum. They get full access to digital textbooks with video lessons that are interactive and that allow them to learn at their own pace. Students are able to receive Benchmark testing and assessments three times per year so that parents can ensure that their child is learning at or above grade level. We also know that it can be difficult for parents to know WHAT to teach in order to ensure that the child is learning grade-level material. Not only will our learning platforms keep you on the course, but you are also provided with a curriculum map. Curriculum maps help parents to stay on track when teaching their children.


  • All state-required core subjects with real teachers teaching the subject

  • State-level annual benchmark assessment

  • All after-school programs

  • 30-minute live virtual homeroom each day

  • Monthly homeschool and educational training workshops for parents

  • Full social access to the school and all virtual school events

  • Digital Textbooks (additional printed textbooks for elementary students)

Also Available​​​​

  • Annual IEP/504 Kick-Off Meeting

  • Social Worker Support

  • Curriculum map to stay on track with coursework

  • Customize your homeschool program with live-interactive STEM and Computer Science-based courses with real teachers.

Class On Demand Add-on

That's not all. Social engagement is still important for a student. Parents have the option to add a "Class On Demand" option to their homeschooling program. Class on Demand is a semester based option that gives you access to live virtual classes with teachers and students. See our Class On Demand page for the virtual options that a student can take with a real teacher and classmates.

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Sign up for our homeschool program today! A brighter future is waiting.

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